Step 1: Pretty Skin

Hello all!  Just a quick post this weekend about a few of my favorite nighttime skincare products.  I get REAL lazy at night before I go to bed, and taking off my makeup is the absolute last thing I usually want to do.  But then I remind myself that I'll wake up looking like a spotted leopard if I don't.  

Here are a few of my lazy-girl products for makeup removal and skincare!

I'm incredibly picky when it comes to makeup removers.  I don't like wipes because they leave behind makeup like crazy.  I don't use oils because it makes my skin feel... wait for it..... oily.  But I LOVE cleansing water, like the one above from Sephora.  It feels just like the name describes, but it cuts through makeup like nothing.  The best part about it is the pump dispenser.  I use a little round cotton pad that you can pick up from any drugstore, put it over the top, and press down.  The pump fills the pad and you're good to go.  Easy.

I picked this up for $12 dollars at Sephora, and so far it has lasted me 2 months.  It was a really fresh smell, and leaves nothing behind.  I've also use the NARS Makeup Removing Water.  It's also magical, but it's more than twice the price.  If you're on a budget, go for the Sephora brand.

Find the Sephora cleansing water HERE and the NARS removing water HERE.

Up next to bad is this weird little face wash.  It's the black detoxifying cleanser from Boscia, and as you can see it literally is black.  So strange.  But it feels wonderful.  I don't use this at night before bed, because I don't have time.  Well yes I do, but I still don't do it.

I use it in the morning when I'm showering.  Not as good as doing it every night, but it's still noteworthy.  It lathers just like a face wash and gets nice and warm and I really like it.

I got this with my beauty insider card at Sephora so I didn't pay for it, but you can find it at the Sephora website HERE if you want to check it out.

I've heard of this stuff before, but I never got to try the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair.  Everyone talks about it and it's supposed to be a major discovery in skincare.  It's a serum, and it's supposed to decrease all signs of aging- wrinkles, age spots, improved skin tone, etc.  

I'd say this little sample lasted a good month or so, and I see absolutely no difference.  My skin tone may have gotten a little bit more even, but that was probably because it was the end of summer and I wasn't in the sun as much.

Weirdly, I still use it because it makes me feel like I'm helping my skin.  But is it worth the $62 dollar price tag?  Absolutely not if you don't have a problem with pre-mature wrinkles and age spots.

Find it HERE if you'd still like to look into it.

Last but not least, the 'It's Potent' eye cream from Benefit.  I also got this one with my Sephora card, so it's a little sample.  I use this under my eyes at night, because the area around your eyeballs is very sensitive and it's important to take care of it.  I always love Benefit products because I think they're fun, and good quality.  They also have a pretty decent price tag on most things, but this will run you about $34 dollars for a jar.  Check it out HERE.

Okay that's all I got.  Every once in a while I'll throw in a mask for good measure, but that concludes my daily routine.  

Let me know if you've tried any of these, or have a secret product you use for skincare!
Peace out girl scouts.


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