Oh, the Money You'll Spend...

Hi beauty queens!  I hope you're excited- I have a haul for you today! :)  I've divided the things I've boughten lately into a couple of categories- Beauty, Fashion, and Other.  Enjoy!


MAC, Sephora, Makeup

There was an amazing little sale at Sephora last week, where they had bins of makeup and other goodies for really low prices!  I hit the eye shadow section, where I picked up 3 amazing eye shadows for $5 dollars a piece... UM, HI!  They are normally $13 each!  The only reason they were discounted is because the packaging was last season's.  SO. EXCITED.

1. Sephora Eye Shadow "Dying for Fudge" N60
2. Sephora Eye Shadow "Choco Excess" N19
3. Sephora Eye Shadow "Sun-Kissed" N78
4. NARS Blush in "Outlaw"
5. MAC Eye Shadow brush #217
6. MAC Eye Shadow "Expensive Pink"

*I especially recommend #2 and #5...



These are just a few of the new pieces I've picked up lately.  SHOPPING PROBLEM.  But to be fair, most of them are very reasonably priced.... most of them :)

1. Black Lace Bandeau- PacSun (somewhere I NEVER shop, but this was too cute to pass up).
2. Pink Skirt- Forever 21 (see my Instagram @katiekrenz to see how I styled this)
3. Bright pink cross tank- Delia's
4. Bow Sandals- Aldo
5. High-Waisted destroyed shorts- Forever 21
6. Wherefore Art Thou grunge tee- Forever 21
7. White lace dress- Express
8. Michael Kors flats- Macy's




This is a little phone case- AKA my new buddy!  I put all my goodies in this when I go out, like my phone, ID, and cash.  If you're anything like me, you're thinking "WHERE does my lipgloss go?!"  I know :(  There's no space for that.  One and only downer.  Other than that, this little thing is so chic.

I actually got it at a mall kiosk for around 20 bucks.  You can find them EVERYWHERE online.

Apple MacBook Pro

Last but most certainly not least, I got a new MacBook Pro as a graduation gift!  My old white MacBook, that you can't even find anymore... that's how old it is, took a poop on me about 6 months ago.  The worst part is it's the screen that went out.  So whenever I open it, it goes black.  I can't see anything in order to get my music off of it to put on my new one :(  If I can, I haven't figured it out yet.  TAKING SUGGESTIONS HERE! :)

Takeaway from this point- Katie spends too much.  But I love everything I've gotten :)

Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any suggestions as to what to do about my old MacBook without paying a ton of money for it!  Please and thank you!


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