No More Google Reader?!

I'm SO FLIPPIN SAD!  If you've been hiding under a rock lately, you might not know that Google Reader (you know, that little service that allows you to read all of the amazing blogs you follow like an RSS feed).... is leaving us.  They say it's because there's not enough people using the service, and Google is putting all their efforts into fewer products.... phooey.

Just to clear one thing up about Google Reader.... It is NOT the same thing as your blogger reader list.  When you log into your blogger account, all of the blogs you follow usually show up in a list on the left, making it easy to keep up with your favorite blogs.  This will not change, from what I understand.  Google Reader is an RSS feature that you can utilize.

Either way, most bloggers are pretty upset about this, and the Twitter world has been in a panic.  It's mainly been over the question of if this will effect GFC as well.  From what I've read, this will NOT effect GFC yet... emphasis on the "yet" as I think it will eventually disappear too *cringe*. How disappointing for all of us who have worked so hard on our blogs...

So what can we do about this?  Well, for one you can sign this petition to hopefully prevent it from happening.  Please do sign!  It only takes one second and it's worth a shot.

As for following our favorite blogs, we have to find other ways.  So I'd officially like to ask you ALL to follow me on Bloglovin!  You can easily import your current subscriptions from this page.  Piece of cake :)

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