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Lady Bug and Hot Tahiti
 Left- Hot Tahiti | Right- Lady Bug

Sooo I usually like to post pictures of NEW products I buy.  As you can see, these are not new.  They're well-used because I just couldn't keep 'em off my lips when I bought them.  They're both too pretty.  Swoon.

M.A.C. Hot Tahiti

Hot Tahiti is a cranberry red, and it's very subtle.  It's great because it's toned down and a little easier to wear every day.  It's perfect for an office and highly sophisticated.  It's in the "Glaze" family, so it's not so in your face.  Another glaze (and my favorite lipstick of all time) would be Hue, for comparison. 

M.A.C. Lady Bug

Lady Bug is another favorite.  It's a pretty close to a true red, but maybe a little lighter, yet still not watermelon status.  It's gorg.  It's a "Lustre" and the way I describe it is a shiny red.  It's nowhere near matte, so if bright, matte reds make you a little nervous but you still want the color, this one is perfect for you.  Again, it's super easy to wear and is really flattering on most skin types.


There's a definite difference in hue, but they both have a similar finish.  I'd say for beginner lipstick wearers, these would be perfect.  And although I love my reds with a passion, I CANNOT WAIT for spring brights!
M.A.C. "Impassioned", here I come! <3

Oh, you may have noticed I have a new name!  Similar to my old name, but I won't be confused with perfume.  Please give a warm welcome to.... Lady Like :)



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