What's Hot and What's... Not.

What's Hot:
This gorgeous dollskin cheek blush by Tarina Tarantino in the shade "Carved Rose".  A new brand!  Yay!
It photographs a little bit more purple-toned than it truly is.  In actuality, it's a beautiful pale pink blush for winter that retails at Sephora for $15 dollars.  Holler.  Weirdly I cannot find it on the website, so you may have to go search the store.

What's Not:
I don't like to be negative, but I'm really unhappy with the Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid eyeliner.  The applicator not at all thin, and makes it very difficult to get a precise line.  It also doesn't dry well, and requires 2 or three coats in order to get a true black.  

I'm thinking of trying the gel liner by M.A.C. or another good brand.  Any suggestions??


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