What's all the Hype??

EOS Lip Balm

Ever seen one of these little buggers?  
It's an EOS chapstick that looks like an egg.  Utterly tempting isn't it?
That's what I thought.  And since I'm literally the last person in the world to find out about it and buy one, I thought I'd post about it.  Naturally.  Always best to come in last... (sarcasm).

The main reason I'm doing so is because my lips have been absolutely rascals lately.  Complete monsters.
For the past 3 weeks I've had dry-lip syndrome.  Possibly due to the fact that in Wisconsin the weather goes from 30 degrees to 60 in a matter of two days?  Possibly.
Weirdly, they aren't noticeably dry to the naked eye.  I can just feel them.  And I do not like it.
So I bought this egg-thing because:
1. Everyone has one.  I don't want to be left out.
2.  It's organic and I thought it might be just what my scoundrel lips need.
Turns out I was right.  The minty goodness has cured them.  I highly recommend this, friends.  It's great.

Also, I am SO happy to be blogging today.  School has taken over my life.  I can't even explain the stress I've been under, but on Friday night a little bit of weight was lifted off my shoulders, so here I am :)
Hope everyone had a good weekend!  Toodles.  


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