Fact: This Vitamin Helps Grow Long, Thick Hair

I kid you not blog dolls.  Biotin assists in the growth of, "Healthy Hair, Skin, & Nails" as the bottle states.
Your body naturally produces Biotin, which is essential for cell growth.  It is also found in many cosmetic products for producing healthy hair and skin.

Once my hair gets to a certain (very long) length, it ends up looking a bit brittle and dry towards the ends.  After seeing it recommended by many people, I started taking Biotin.  I've been taking it for about two weeks and have noticed that my hair has in fact been growing at a pretty decent rate, and feels a little bit thicker.  Yahoo :)

Have a problem with dry, breaking nails?  Biotin is supposed to help strengthen your nails!  I already have pretty healthy nails, so I haven't seen a drastic change.  If you have issues with your nails constantly chipping and drying out, this may be something to try!

Since Biotin aids in cell growth, it is great for your skin.  It can leave you with a healthy glow all year round.

Biotin is a natural vitamin, and is generally safe.  Still, make sure you read the label for any possible side effects/warnings/directions.  *I always make sure I take it with food.
Does anybody else take Biotin?  Have you noticed any dramatic results?


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