My FIRST Guest-Post and a Big Ol' Thank-You!

Hello pretty ladies. 
I feel gaaa-reat today.  And somewhat celebrity-ish.  
This is due to the fact that I got to guest-post on Brie's blog today.  She blogs at Sophistifunk and I highly suggest you check out  THIS POST to see what I jibber-jabbered about over there.  Let me warn you-- It's pretty good.  She's got a great topic goin' on.  Then follow her blog because it's one of my favorites.  I owe her a big Thank-You for letting me nest there today.  I'm flattered that she asked me.  It's such a good feeling to know that someone appreciates what you have to say so much that they allow you to come into their own space and blog.  Woofta.  My heart's all warm and fuzzy.

I'd also like to thank AND say welcome to my new followers.  I hope you like my crazy little blog.  You're in for a treat with these here posts I publish.  My hope is that you'll be at least somewhat entertained.  

Let me know if anyone is interested in doing some guest-post swapping.  From my experience, I think it's purdy fun to say hello to a whole new stock of readers.  Who knows.  Maybe they'll even like ya.

One can only hope.
And in case you missed it the first time, head over HERE to see my first guest-post topic.
Later gators.


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