Let's Connect, Ladies.

Click on the pictures above to find me.
I'll probably follow you back ;)

Hey y'all!  I'd LOVE to get a little more close n' personal with my favorite bloggers.
Meghan @ Shine On first did this, and I thought it was such a good idea.
I pop in to these sites (especially Twitter) a heck-of-a-lot more than I blog.
It's just a bit easier.
And such a great way to interact with you.  I'd love to know what you pretty ladies are doing
Whether it's eatin' poptarts, gushing over #thebachelorette, or letting me know about your latest and most fabulous blog post.  This is especially important for my newest readers. 
If I fail to see that you've followed me, feel free to leave your Twitter links in a comment.
So about that following each other business...
Let's do it.


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