The Best Makeup Artist.... Ever?

Of course, I am talking about none 
other than Mario Dedivanovic!
I'm sure you've heard of him.  He is a legend.

But if the name doesn't ring a bell, Mario is Kim Kardashian's makeup master.  He works out of L.A. and New York City and has held workshops that attracted thousands of makeup enthusiasts from all over the world.  He is truly amazing.

I have watched a few youtube videos of his, and his style has influenced me and my makeup routine.
For example, he is a concealer genius.  His blending skills are seriously out of this world.
He also uses products from a ton of different lines, including M.A.C., Josie Maran, Smashbox, and more.

Here is one of the videos where he gives amazing tips:

A few of the products that he uses in this video are:

-Giorgio Armani Foundation-
-Beauty Blender-
-Max Factor no color brow gel-
-Urban Decay eye shadow in Vapor, Chopper, and Cork (for the brows)-

...And a couple application tips:

-Warm the foundation on your hand before applying it-
-Press in loose powder with a "puff"-
-Make brows lighter on the inner corners, and darker on the outsides-
-Use warmer shadows in the crease of the eye to avoid the "ashy" look-

If you need any help achieving a stunning look, he is your guy.  

Have you heard of Mario?  What do you think of him?



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