Summer, Glowy Skin Please...?

There is only so much of this "no sun" thing a girl can take.  I'm literally going nuts.
I had this week off of work and school.  That never happens.  I mean never.

So what did I plan on doing?
Oh just spending 7 days straight in the sunshine wearing a bikini with a permanent mimosa in my hand.
Did that happen?
Nope.  Damn.  Because of THIS:

Dreary to the max.
I know I cannot be the only one who thrives off the sun and beautiful weather.  And mimosas :)  Kidding.  But you have to admit the two do go great together...  
And with that being said....

Cheers to glowing summer skin!  
I miss mine like the dickens.

I was blessed with olive skin and the ability to turn 2 shades darker after sitting outside for 3 minutes.  But these 65 degree cloudy days have really put a damper on that.
Sun gods: I'd really like to put my skills to good use... so if you could shine a few rays my way I'd be forever grateful.  
Thanks, you're a peach :)

p.s. Mimosa:  an alcoholic beverage consisting of orange juice and champagne.  More champagne than orange juice, and perfect for any time of day.


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