My Fav: Pricey Places and Spaces

 Today I'm dreaming..... of BEAUTIFUL houses.  
What's new.  I'm obsessed with them.
 I'm the kind of person who spends a lot of money (us marketers are famous for that) so therefore, I must MAKE a lot of money in order to afford a home like this.  

Curse me and my expensive taste.  Here's a tour of what I would eventually like my custom-built home to look like....

I'm very into the modern stone look.  This is a gorgeous front entry way, with the most amazing lighting to showcase it.

Let's be honest... What girl WOULDN"T want a two-story closet.  Heaven.

A modern bedroom with an amazing view is a must-have.  

 I promised Adam a mancave.  But I get to design it :))  It's gonna look something like this.

I plan on cooking and eating in luxury.  Beauty.

I also need an immaculate backyard with swim-up bar.  I think that's reasonable :)

Good thing I was just offered position at a new company with a pay raise so I can afford to build one of these someday.  
Phew :)

Miss Katie K


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