How to Smell Like a Goddess

Scents are a important part of our daily lives.   A whiff of something wonderful can trigger a specific memory, or transport you into a dreamworld. 

This is why I get so excited every time a new season- and a new group of fragrances- launches.  I've mentioned before that I am perfume obsessed.  The way I smell is incredibly important to me and I love everything in my collection.  For this season, I have been test-spritzing since March and have found some definite winners.

So what are the top, sexiest fragrances for summer 2012?  
Let me tell you...

1.  Jimmy Choo
The bottle is completely gorgeous, and it has such a flirty, girly smell that isn't overpowering.  This one is next on my list.

  2.  Roberto Cavalli
It has a sensual, sophisticated smell with notes of orange flower absolute, pink peppercorn, and mirabelle plum.  YUM.

 3.  Fendi- Fan di Fendi
This one has been in Europe since September of 2011, but is new to the States.  The bottle, again, is beautiful and it has a floral scent with a leather base.  Definitely worth a spray.  And a buy.

4.  Dior- Miss Dior Eau Fraiche
Many of the Dior perfumes that I have encountered smell light, fresh, and feminine.  And this one follows suit, with notes of Bergamot and Gardenia.  Wonderful.

5.  Estee Lauder- Bronze Goddess
If you want to smell like a gorgeous bombshell that just walked off the beach, this is the one for you :)  I may be biased because I just bought this, but it is the perfect balance 
of sun-kissed and sexy.  The perfect summer perfume.  

There are so many fragrances out there, but these are just a handful of my favorites.  Eventually I will tell you about my ALL-TIME favorite perfume, but for now I am keeping that a secret ;)

What is your favorite scent of this season??

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