How Fedor-Able!

Summer fashion is back in gear, and I want to share one of my faaavorite trends of the season.
I took me a very long time to find these two items because I'm so picky about how they fit (as you should be) but I finally found the perfect summer combination of.... drum-roll please..... 

A Fedora and Ralph Lauren aviators :)

Tooootally cute.  I may be a little late jumping on the Fedora bandwagon, but finding your perfect fit is not an easy task.  The same goes for the sunglasses.  But these are SO gorgeous and fit me like a glove.  
This is a look that I HIGHLY suggest for everyone.  The best part about it is how you can mix up the different styles and colors and put them with a ton of different outfits.  

Here are a few photos of different Fedoras and how absolutely adorable they can look:


Hope you love this look!  Next I would like to get one in dark gray. I can't wait to put up pictures of when I get to pull mine out and show it off!

Miss Katie K


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