Helloooo, SPRING! (Finally...)

I'm from Wisconsin.  And there are a lot of things I love about that fact...  Such as we're great at sports and we know how to party.  Wahoo!
But it's SO stinkin' cold all of the time.  You can't even imagine.

So when Spring rolls around, I get very excited.    In fact, I get SO excited that I wanted to share some of the few things that I absolutely adore about Spring and the upcoming Summer season!   Enjoy!

1.  SPRING CLOTHES!  I just bought these two pairs of shorts.  I've had my eye on lace shorts for a long time and finally found the perfect pair.  The shorts on the right are really cute too.  It's not obvious from the picture, but they are actually high waisted :)

2. Flowers-  To be specific, Lilacs ;)  They're my favorite smelling flower and are so gorgeous.

3. Summer Perfume- I'm a HUGE perfume enthusiast.  I have quite the obsession..  I just bought this one by Estee Lauder, so recently I have been smelling like a beach babe :)  Spring and summer seasons mean updating my collection.  YES :)

Now you tell me!  What do you love the most about Spring??  


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