Fact: This Guy Has SERIOUS Style

Because I pick out his clothes :)  
This post is for all the ladies who do a fantastic job of helping their significant other look like a rockstar.
To be quite honest, dressing my boyfriend up as if he were a mannequin is ranked quite high on my "Favorite Things About Finally Having a Boyfriend" list.  
Actually, it's VERY high.
When I was single I always loved looking through the most amazing men's clothes and picturing the outfits I'd put my non-existent boyfriend in.   And he would have no choice but to wear them :)  
Hopefully I'm not making myself sound too incredibly bizarre here.
But now that I'm actually in a real-life relationship, I get to live out that little fantasy.  And most of the time he looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself.  See?
The fact that he is devilishly handsome also helps.
If you aren't as lucky as I am and your guy doesn't let you pick out all of his clothes, I have a few tips to help him dress just a little better.  You're gonna want to read these ones.

Starting with...
1. Change is Good- Most guys either overdo it, or get stuck in some type of fashion rut.      Aaand it's usually not a good one.  Go through his closet with him and help him throw out the things he hasn't worn in years.  They're outdated.
2. Positive Reinforcement- Tell him he's...oh what's the word.... HOT!  He wants to know that you think he looks good.  It'll give him the perfect little boost of confidence in his new threads.
3. Start Small-  Don't try and force him into something too different right away.  It'll never work.  Start with small changes.
4.  Compromise-  Come to an agreement on a look that you both like. 
5. Keep it in His Budget- We all want our men dressing in Dolce and Gabbana.  Buut it's just not reasonable for most guys.  Don't make their wallet quiver. 
6. No Means No- There are things that guys just will not change.  Such as his underwear preference.  I would not recommend pushing those buttons.  Leave his undies alone.

These are just the things that have worked well in my case.  I actually let Adam read this post before I published it.  He agreed with my tips :)
I want to leave you with a final quote:
"Dress a man and he looks good for a day. Teach a man how to dress and he looks good for life."

Anybody else like to play dress up with their significant other?  
Happy Friday everyone!  
Be good :)


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