FACT: I Party in Beer Gardens

Who doesn't love a good Friday afternoon celebration?

Yesterday I just happened to finish my 4th year as an undergrad :) 
One more to go!
To celebrate, my school has this thing called "Beer Gardens" on the 
last Friday before summer.
Basically, it's an excuse for the university to have beer companies and bands come and perform.
Which we do NOT complain about.  We literally partied all afternoon.  I planned on going out that night too since the bands played all night,  but that didn't happen since I already had a raging headache by 7pm.  Rough. 
 Here are a couple photos  :)

 Rockin' my Fedora, as promised :)

This was ALL free.  Hence the reason for the headache.

Cheers to the start of another beautiful summer!

What did everyone else do to start the weekend??


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