A COMPLETE Blog MakeOver

A glass of wine and a new blog design :)  HAH.  I rhyme all the time.
Random.  But alright.

Let's start with a few Thank You's:
1. Props to Google.  You are forever and always my #1 best friend.  
Thank you for being my go-to site for "HTML and CSS For Dummies".  If it wasn't for you, I would still be scratching my very confused head.
2. All the blog designers out there.  I bow to you.  It took me FOR-EV-ER to do my own.  You must have the patience of a saint... 

Moving on.  
I want to show you a few pictures of where I got my design inspiration from.  
The collages below are all pictures from things that I have decorated my own apartment with! 
As you will notice from my apartment and my blog, my style is very natural.
I love anything with leaves, stones, animal print, & neutral tones. 
That is why my home looks like you just stepped into the jungle....

My color scheme came from the natural green and gray/brown accents that are everywhere in my home. 
The border idea came from the frame of the bottom right picture of the black and white lamp.
And the font- I just liked :)  I think a contrast of curly/straight creates visual interest.

The rest of my design came straight out of my creative little noggin.  
I hope you like it!
I want to point out a few of the new things that I added as well:
  • FAQ tab under my header- I'll be adding more as they come!
  • A Home tab for easy navigation
  • Social Media buttons above my profile picture, so you can now find me EVERYWHERE :)
  • "Currently Obsessed" link on the right side.  Click on the picture to check it out!
  • A new signature with Twitter and Pinterest links
  • Aaand many more little things :)  Have a look around and see what  you can find.
Has anyone else been wanting to do a "blog makeover"?
Please share your ideas/thoughts!



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